Fishing porbeagle in The North Sea

Fishing porbeagle in The North Sea

Fishing for porbeagle was an important fishery for many Norwegian fishermen. The decline in the stock in the 1970’s and 1980’s made most fishermen to give up this fishery. A couple of vessels maintained the tours to The North Sea during the 1990’s, and one of these was “Randi” from the souther part of Norway. On the photos on this post you will se sharks and the crew; Ragnar Govertsen and Tore Hæstad. The photos were taken in the late 1990’s and this vessel is no longer fishing for porbeagles.

Porbeagle caught on long line

The vessel used long lines, placed near the surface. The lines were floating/drifting freely and the vessel patrolled along the line to see if a porbeagle shark had taken the bait. Then the crew started to haul the actual part of the line.

A porbeagle on the hook

The shark was then cleaned and stored on board with ice. This vessel used a long line with 500 fishing hooks.

Landing porbeagle in Denmark

A trip to The North Sea lasted for 8-12 days. The catch were then landed in Hanstholm in Denmark. Below a photo showing the crew and the catch. All photos on this page is given by the crew.

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Porbeagles in Denmark.

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  1. Ryan says —

    Over fishing is sad. This shark is now endangered as many others are due to humans.Wild Shark fishing should be banned from seas and fish farms should be made and introduced for human consuption to conserve natural resources

  2. Brandon says —

    I agree completely..

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