The best lobster pots?

As most fishermen or recreational fishermen I wonder; what type of lobster pot is the best?

Norwegian fisherman fishing lobster. Photo:

In Norway some fishermen swear to the round “atom-pot” (see photo abowe). This pot is easy to haul and the entrance is placed on the top of the pot. Some still prefer the traditional wooden pots formed as a long box (see photo below). These pots are also used for fishing crabs. These pots has two entrances, one on each of the short sides.

Lobsters on the top of a lobster pot. Photo:

Still there has been a small revolution regarding the lobster pots in Norway. The Scotch lobster pots has become a new favorite. These pots were originally made of wood, and wooden pots are still used (see photo below showing pots in Peterhead). Now these pots are made of iron reinforced with plastic.

Lobster pots in Peterhead. Photo: scanfishphoto

Around the beginning of this century the first Scotch lobster pots were introduced in Norway, and they soon became a favorite. They are heavy, solid and they do their main task; catching lobsters.

Norwegian fishing boat with pots.

The biggest Scotch pots (on the photo abowe to the lefte) with two chambers are too heavy to haul by hand but these pots are now dominating the Norwegian market. For me and other recreational fishermen there are several types of light folding pots. These pots are also relatively new on the marked but they have proved to do their job well. My favorite can be seen on the photo below. To the right a Scotch pot with one chamber (heavy), and to the right a cheap and light pot fold up.

Lobster and lobster pots: Photo: Kystbloggen

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  1. Thor says —

    Jeg er uenig med deg når du sier at “skotte-teinene” med stue i er for tunge til å dra for hånd. Jeg er 15 år og har ingen problemer med å dra opp både en og to av dem på tauet for hånd…

  2. Kystbloggen says —

    Well, those Scotch pots with two chambers are too heavy for me. I have not heard of others than you that prefer hauling series of these pots using your bare hands. I am not saying it is impossible, but on a windy day in an open rowboat you got to be strong working with those heavy pots. Guess you are stronger than me:)

  3. Thor says —

    Yes, I agree with you that they maby are to heavy to handle with bare hands in a small rowboat. But I must say that i prefer using pot hauler, (is that what “kraftblokk” is in english?) but i dont think it is a problem handling these pots. The only thing that is hard is to lift them from the water and up in the boat.

    BTW: Sorry about my bad english 😉

  4. Kystbloggen says —

    Agree! A pot hauler does the job! Your English is fine to me!

  5. jesie says —

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. I love to eat lobsters! I wish I can buy some now.

  6. Tim says —

    Hi there

    A great site. I am wondering if I may use a photo or two of your lobstering pictures for a presentation I’m doing. Thanks for your help.

  7. John says —

    waht is the tool used to place rubber bands on blue claw crabs or lobster called.

  8. Kystbloggen says —

    I know what you mean John, but I don’t know the English word for it. Maybe someone out there can help us out?

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